Monday, March 4, 2013

How to remodel a kitchen without going down the financial drain

What makes a kitchen renovation or bathroom re-design project successful? The best results are achieved when all of the products and services are furnished by one source.

Curio Kitchens and Baths will help you from start to finish, so you never have to feel as if you're alone in the process. Here's how we help:
  • Needs Analysis - Curio and/or Frank will come right to you to review your kitchen or bath project and ideas;
  • Creative Design Solutions - After we've reviewed your entire space, we'll collaborate to include your kitchen or bath ideas along with some new options for your project;
  • Consulting - We'll offer unbiased, expert counseling in all aspects of the project and offer suggestions based on our experience and knowledge;
  • Cost Options - We'll work with you to create an affordable budget, and offer flexible options;
  • Documentation - You'll get highly detailed drawings for your kitchen or bath project, along with detailed specifications and a contract for our services;
  • Technical Review and Engineering - We'll work with you to double check the details before the products reach your home. This includes Project management scheduling and supervision to ensure a seamless installation;
  • Installation - Rest assured your project will be handled by a qualified and reliable craftsman. Because we're locally owned and operated, any issues can be addressed directly with our management team in person.
If you choose to "do it yourself" or use multiple vendors for your kitchen and bath products, you may pay more for all of these services in the end. Partnering with Curio Kitchens and Baths ensures you have peace of mind the entire job will be done correctly, from start to finish.

Ready to begin your custom kitchen or bath project? Call Curio Kitchens and Baths today at 413-783-0913.